West Main Shopping Center

Indoor Farmersí Market

9 am-2 pm Saturdays through December      950 W Main St Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


Located inside the warm and cozy confines of the Golden Days Bakery at 950 W Main Street in Sun Prairie, this cute little market runs on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm as a few of your favorite vendors extend the market season into the Holidays.


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Meet Your Vendors

          Earl Krueger             EIO Farms                  Waterloo   Produce


Earl is our ringleader and Farmers' Market guru. When the time comes, he's also a mighty convincing "Santa's Helper."

Earl has been in the produce game for years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the market. He can tell you just what is in season and when, as well as what to do with it when it is.

Ask him how cold it should be before you harvest Brussel Sprouts...and why!

          Pat & Dena Nimmow Golden Days Bakery     Sun Prairie Baked Goods


Pat and Dena Nimmow and their three kids are truly baking up something special every day at Golden Days Bakery and act as the gracious hosts for our market. Dena's specialty is decorating cookies, and her talent at decorating is being picked up by the rest of the family.

Find them on the web: Golden Days Bakery as well as on Facebook.

Better yet, find them at the bakery whenever your sweet tooth dictates.

                 Dave Lundeen      Lundeen Farms            Columbus

Meats and Produce


Everything Dave brings to the market is grown on his own farm in Columbus. He specializes in Pork (Chops, Roast, Steaks, Ribs-you get the idea) and also has Chicken and Turkey on hand and to order ahead for the holidays. Dave also grows and brings seasonal produce such as Broccoli and Cauliflower.

Bev Bliss                     

Bisque By Bliss             Sun Prairie Handmade Tabletop Items & Such


Bev's table is always colorful and changes from week to week, depending on which craft has struck her fancy of late. Adept at all forms of knitting, sewing, needlework and crocheting, you will find many types of tabletop creations that will help set the appropriate mood for you holiday meals. Bisque porcelain figurines to paint. too!

Jeff Price                     

House of Wisconsin Cheese  Madison

Cheese & Neat Wisconsin Stuff


"Have Cheese Will Travel" is pretty much the mantra of the season as Jeff takes House of Wisconsin Cheese on the road, bringing many ages and styles of cheese to the market for your sampling and selecting. He works with trusted cheesemakers from all over Wisconsin to bring their best, from fresh Cheese Curds to aged---think up to 15 years---Cheddar. He always has something great to sample on his table! Start thinking about sending some of Wisconsin's finest to your loved ones for the holidays. On Facebook as well, of course!